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Be able to react correctly and save lives in an emergency

There is nothing worse than not knowing how to help in a family emergency, because sometimes there is no second chance.
This course is based on the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) guidelines. We show you how easy saving lives can be.

Participate from anywhere you like with this online course

No time-consuming planning and participation in crowded and lengthy seminars with a bunch strangers.
With this course you can manage your time freely. Start, pause and complete the course online from the comfort of your home at any time you like. And the best part, it is all in English language.

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Based on official guidelines

This course is based on the resuscitation guidelines of the German Social Accident Insurance (DGUV) and the European Resuscitation Council (ERC) and provides you with the latest recommendations for action in emergencies and the most important immediate life-saving measures.

As a leading training institution, the instructors of the “Deutsche Notfall Akademie” have already taught more than 50 thousand people the correct behavior in an emergency, so that the correct measures can be implemented safely and confidently.

The advantages of the online first aid course

Free time management

Complete first aid manual in English for free

High quality course and experienced instructor

Participation from anywhere possible

Lifetime access to the members area

Repeat the course unlimited

Cheaper than most offline courses

Learn with us how easy it is to save lives!

What our course participants say

Carmen Dörrer
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Very big recommendation! Each topic is structured in a seperate video. The instructor manages to explain complex issues with his calm manner so that everyone can understand. Thank you for this essentially important work!
Dario Turrek
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The best first aid course! Participated while chilling on the couch and learned a lot. At the end there is a certificate of attendance with which I could do everything I need. And all this at such a reasonable price, usually such first aid courses are much more expensive.
Selina Meixner
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I enjoyed the course very much! Since I have little time du to my job, it was important for me to take an online course because I can't make it in time to attend an offline event. This allowed me to watch the course and some relevant videos multiple times. I especially make frequent use of the option to view important chapters on my smartphone while I am not at home.
Elina Kaltenbach
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I gave the course to my parents as a gift. Both of them were very happy, because their first aid course was several years ago and they could not remember a lot of things correctly. Now they feel much better about taking care of the grandkids. The course is a great gift idea!

Content of the online first aid course

This online video course is based on the recommendations of the German Social Accident Insurance and the European Resuscitation Council. Here you will learn how to take the right measures in an emergency, taking care to protect yourself, and thus save lives.

Module 1: Basics of first aid

In this module, we provide insight into important facts about emergencies and clarify the legal framework of first aid. We show how to secure accident sites and how to rescue injured people from the danger zone and provide them with psychological care.

Module 2: The vital functions

How do I approach an injured person? How can I detect life-threatening injuries and check vital functions? How do I perform recovery position and CPR and how do I use an AED? All this is the content of the second module.

Module 3: Injuries of the body

In this module, we will discuss the correct actions to take in cases of minor and major bleeding as well as violence to the body. We will also have a look into the first aid kit. Poisoning and chemical burns and thermal damage are also thoroughly discussed here.

Module 4: Brain-, respiratory- and circulatory-related disorders

Acute diseases such as heart attacks, strokes and asthma, but also life-threatening disorders such as shock, electrical accidents or obstructions of the respiratory tract lead to countless deaths every year. In this module, we will show you how to act correctly.

Manual: free first aid manual in English

The first aid manual for the online video course. With this approximately 120-page manual, you’ll get the entire course in text and vivid images. Each topic is usefully structured so that causes are discussed first, signs are pointed out, and actions are recommended based on these.

Perfect reading if you want to quickly look something up again.

Procedure of the online first aid course

1. Registration for the online course

Simply fill out the order form and register for the online course. Subsequently, a purchase confirmation email including login data to the member area of the online course will be sent to the deposited email address.

2. Enjoy the course

Just lean back and enjoy the video course. For each topic of first aid we provide a complete explanatory video or exercise video. Thus, one is perfectly informed for any emergency.

3. Receive your personlized german certificate

Upon completion of the fourth module, one is directed to a short quiz in which 7 out of 10 multiple-choice questions must be answered correctly. After successfully passing the quiz, an “award” is given by e-mail, in which the personalized certificate of participation is attached.

4. Lifetime access

The online first aid course can be repeated as often as it is available online. There is no time limit for access. So you can refresh important content on a regular basis.

Information about the online first aid course

Course Scope:

The course consists of 9 units with a total of 31 videos. Participation is entirely online and can be paused and continued at any time. In addition to the video course you will receive a first aid e-book for free!

Course Fee:

The course costs 37€ instead of 69€. After paying the course fee, you will be redirected to the members area where you can view all the content, as well as download the certificate of attendance and the first aid manual.

Participation Requirements:


Age restriction:


Access to the members area:


Your training team at
of the Deutsche Nofall Akademie

The team of instructors at the Deutsche Notfall Akademie are experts in first aid and have successfully trained more than 50 thousand people in recent years.

Dr. Elham Shams

Shervin A. Morawej

Frequently asked questions
to this course

After booking the course you will be redirected to the closed member area. Here you can watch all videos and repeat them as often as you like.

We have summarized the entire online course in a manual and make it available free of charge in the members’ area.

After the last video, you will be redirected to a quiz. After completion of the quiz the certificate will be unlocked for download. The certificate is personalized and contains the name you enter during booking. Therefore, please make sure that the spelling is correct.

Our online first aid course is a video-only course where you are not time bound. You can access the videos whenever you want.

The following payment methods are offered: PayPal, credit card (Mastercard, Visa, American Express, Maestro), invoice/advance payment and SOFORT bank transfer.

After booking the course, you will receive a purchase confirmation email to the email address you provided in the booking form. You will find the invoice attached to the purchase confirmation email.

We cannot view your data. The entire purchase process runs via the German online course platform elopage. Here, the account protection and data security provisions meet the highest standards.

After successful payment you will get direct access to the course. You will receive a purchase confirmation email with your login details and the link to your member area. Here you can register and access the online first aid course.

In this case, contact customer service. You can reach us with this e-mail address:

You can request a password reset mail for this purpose.

After successful payment, you will receive access to the course for life.

You can repeat the course as often as you like. There are no restrictions on this.

This course has no recognition acc. DGUV Regulation 1

The course fee is therefore not reimbursed by the professional associations.

The content of the course corresponds to that of an offline first aid course. Many authorities and private bodies,
therefore, recognize our certificate as proof of participation in a
first aid course However, since this is not a face-to-face event, we can
not assume any warranty. We therefore recommend that you inquire about this in advance with
the appropriate place. The course has no recognition acc. DGUV Regulation 1.

Only a device with internet connection, such as PC, notebook, tablet or smartphone.

You can reach us at any time with the following e-mail address: